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On this participation platform you can make suggestions, express your opinion and ask questions. The moderation does not pre-select the contributions.

To ensure a constructive and beneficial exchange for all participants, the following dialogue rules apply. In case of irregularity against the rules, the moderation can withdraw the publication of individual contributions or block individual users in case of repeated irregularity.


1 Objectivity, truthfulness and respect

Formulate your contributions factually, truthfully and respectfully. Trust in the strength of your arguments and do not claim anything untrue. Respect the opinions of other participants, even if you disagree on the matter. Insults, threats, profanity, racist, sexist or pornographic statements, as well as other criminally relevant statements are not allowed.


2. clear and explicit language

Always write clearly and precisely what you mean. The shorter and more concise you make your posts, the more people will read them. To avoid misunderstandings, refrain from ambiguous statements, irony, sarcasm or other forms of "hidden" humor.


3. subject relevance 

Online dialogues are a goal-oriented discussion on the subject matter. Therefore, please avoid off-topic contributions.


4. do not write long contributions

Do not conduct monologues. Let other participants have their say and do not try to dominate discussions by mass or overlong contributions. Do not post the same or similar suggestions or questions more than once.


5 Anonymity and registration

You can participate anonymously in the online dialogue; use this option responsibly. When registering for the first time, please do not choose an offensive or misleading username and do not pretend to be another person. Multiple registrations by a single person are not permitted and may result in the suspension of all accounts created for this purpose. Created accounts with an email address that is not (or no longer) accessible can be blocked by the moderation.


6. personal data

Do not publish any personal data - neither of yourself nor of others as well as of companies. In your own interest, be careful with information such as e-mail address, postal address or other contact details.


7. sources, links and advertising

If you quote, please provide a source, so that others can understand your statement. Setting links to other websites can be helpful, but our dialogue rules (especially rule 1) also apply to linked pages. Advertising for commercial products, services and private websites without recognizable reference to the topic is not allowed.


8. license and copyright

All content posted by participants is subject to the CC by license, which means that it may be used on this platform free of charge, provided that the (user) name of the author and the URL of the respective page are mentioned. Content that participants are not authorized to use within the scope of this online dialogue may not be posted. The participants themselves must check whether they have this authorization.


9 Validity of the rules

The above rules generally apply to the entire online dialogue. However, the moderation reserves the right to amend or supplement the above rules in justified exceptional situations. Changes to the dialogue rules of this kind will be announced and justified on this platform. The dialogue rules always apply to all participants in the same way.


10 Criticism of the dialogue rules

If you have any suggestions or comments about the process, the dialogue rules or the moderation, please contact the moderation:


How do we moderate?

When moderating online dialogues, we follow a number of principles. These are summarized below.


1. role of moderation

The moderation is neutral! The moderation is solely committed to establishing and ensuring a constructive dialogue and does not take a position of its own regarding the content of the topic of the online dialogue. The moderation is taken over external by the Zebralog GmbH.


2 Information of the participants

If possible, the moderation will inform the participants should the moderation decide to unpublish a contribution. The decision is explained and the author is given the opportunity to revise the contribution. The blocking of participants is also preceded by a warning that provides reasons.


3. changes of content

If the moderation changes a post, this will be accompanied by a respective statement. If possible, the moderation asks the participants to change the contribution themselves.


4. assignment of contributions and keywording

If contributions are assigned to a category or keyworded, the moderation can change this in individual cases, e.g. if contributions were obviously assigned incorrectly or a keyword contains spelling errors.


5. moderators are human beings

Mistakes and misunderstandings are human and can also happen while moderating. Please understand and do not hesitate to contact us in these cases. You can reach us directly at


The dialogue rules presented here are under CC by 3.0 license; copyright holder is Zebralog GmbH.


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