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Take part

Shhh, Munich! Turn it down.

It should be quieter here. Your opinion is needed!

Where can Munich become quieter? And which measures help to make noisy places quieter?

Enter your feedback with a pin on the map. Describe what you find loud and disturbing at this place. Then assign your contribution to one of the categories. You can also add comments on the pins about what can be done about the noise in this location. When you log in to the platform, you can rate others' posts with a "thumbs up".

Explanation about the noise categories

Important note for your contributions and feedback: The Noise Action Plan only considers the issue of environmental noise. This refers to noise from traffic on roads and railways and certain industrial, commercial facilities. With regard to traffic noise, the Noise Action Plan Munich only deals with urban roads and railroads as defined by the PBefG (tram, subway). Highways and rail traffic or tracks operated by Deutsche Bahn (e.g. S-Bahn) are therefore excluded.

Thus, you can select the following noise categories when setting pins:   

  • Road traffic: includes roads within Munich with the exception of highways
  • Tram and subway traffic: includes public rail transport with the exception of tracks operated by Deutsche Bahn
  • Industrial traffic: according to the Industrial Emissions Directive of the EU
  • Other

Further down you will find a list of all places already mentioned.

You can collect ideas for city-wide noise reduction here


Participation is open from May 2 to 31.

On the weekend and outside office hours, contributions are first checked by the moderation for compliance with the rules and then released for publication if they are complied with.



List view

Browse and filter the noisy places marked on the map. If you register on the platform, you can rate the contributions made by others with a "thumbs up". 

Registered users will receive regular information about the participation process and will be invited to the concluding event if the marked location is part of the selected study area in the Noise Action Plan.


Auf einer nassen Straße stehen Autos und fährt eine Straßenbahn

City-wide actions

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Which city-wide actions can help to make Munich quieter?

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