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Eine Aufnahme in der Dämmerung mit verschwommenen Scheinwerfern auf dem Mittleren Ring

Shhh, Munich! Turn it down!

Be part of the Noise Action Plan.

Cars, trains and industry – where are the noisiest hotspots in Munich? Which measures will help to make Munich quieter?

You can participate in this online dialogue in German and English from May 02 to 31.

The Noise Action Plan needs your active participation. 
Together with the residents of Munich, the Department for Climate and Environmental Protection is looking to identify areas in the city with high noise pollution and develop measures how to make Munich quieter. 

Let’s make Munich quieter – your input is needed! 

What is this about?

Legal basis

The legal basis for this process is the EU Environmental Noise Directive and the Federal Immission Control Act. Accordingly, new Noise Maps are drawn up every five years and the Noise Action Plans are updated on this basis. This gives the public the opportunity to participate in a timely and effective manner in the preparation and review of the Noise Action Plans. The new Noise Map for Munich for 2022 has been prepared and published by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU). The next step is now to involve citizens of the city of Munich in the noise action planning.

What happens with my input?

Your opinion is needed! With your input on noisy locations, additional areas of investigation for the Noise Reduction Plan will be identified, especially where places are mentioned frequently during the public participation. The RKU will identify new areas of investigation on the basis of the Noise Map from 2022. All areas of investigation will then be examined in detail by noise experts and the RKU to develop measures of noise reduction. 

What is more, you are invited to suggest and discuss measure to reduce noise pollution yourself. They can be proposed specifically for the area that you feel is too noisy (e.g. noise barrier). Also, you can suggest measures as part of city-wide strategies for noise reduction (e.g. promotion of public transport).

You can help to make Munich quieter and thus healthier and more livable.

How can I take part?

Give us your feedback: Which places do you find too noisy? How can Munich become quieter? From May 2 to May 31, 2023, you can enter feedback and ideas in the "take part" section. 

This is where you pinpoint noise-polluted places on a map of Munich. You and other participants can comment these marked locations and suggest how noise can be reduced.

There is a separate area where you can make suggestions for city-wide noise reduction actions.

If you register on the platform, you can rate the contributions made by others with a "thumbs up". Registered users will receive regular information about the participation process and will be invited to the concluding event if the marked location is part of a selected study area in the Noise Action Plan.

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